Effective Guidance Through Property Issues

There are rules that both landlords and tenants must follow. It can be a tough market for a landlord when tenants trash an apartment or home, are late on rent, are consistently disturbing other tenants, engaging in illegal activities or have more than the lawful number of people in a rented home..

  • Get solid legal guidance with the eviction process, recovery of unpaid rent and recovering damage to property. I can ensure that you follow eviction procedures and laws set forth by Illinois state law to protect yourself and your rental properties. Call 618-364-8756.

Tenants can be discriminated against, suffer retaliation for reporting problems, or live without heat, safe locks or operational windows. Your landlord cannot lock you out, cancel the utilities, or remove doors, windows or even your possessions without following the letter of the law. If this happens, call me, attorney Brandon C. Mayberry.

  • I can ensure that your rights are protected. I frequently help renters in all areas of the city, including college students. Simply call my office at 618-364-8756 and we can talk about your issue. I will tell you your options or how I can help.

Qualified Legal Help With Property Issues

Many issues can be resolved with common sense solutions and calm conversations. However, when this fails, it may be time to enlist the help of a legal professional. No one wants to lose their property, be taken advantage of, or have their rights trampled. If you are facing property issues that you cannot resolve on your own, call me. In addition to landlords and tenants, I also help neighbors and community members. I can help with:

  • Boundary and property line disputes between neighbors
  • Encroachments
  • Deed review and land surveys
  • Forcible entry and detainer/eviction/landlord-tenant — represent both — help a tenant recover security deposit, fight wrongful evictions
  • Adverse possession
  • Other issues

Accessible Help For Municipalities

I provide legal advice and guidance to municipalities in a wide range of liability issues. I can guide you through the municipal law, referral ordinance drafting, and offer solid counsel on a broad range of premises liability issues.

Personalized Service

I work with each client one-on-one, from our very first meeting until the resolution of your case, issue or ticket. Because I know that every case and every client is different, I will work with you to formulate a solution that works for you and truly aligns with your best interests. My goal is to make certain we clearly communicate expectations and goals and then work toward that resolution together.

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