When you are going through a divorce, you will probably find that it inevitably affects other parts of your life. Such a huge change means that you will have to adjust, even in areas that are not directly related to your split.

Deciding if you should talk to your boss about your divorce

At work, it’s important to consider how you will address your divorce. How much you share and with whom you give details of your personal life is completely up to you, but there may be instances when you should let your boss know about big life change.

Will your divorce proceedings affect your time at work? If you are going to need to take time off or if you are having a hard time focusing on productivity, it may be wise to discuss it with your boss. However, don’t push yourself into giving information that you are not comfortable with.

Approaching the conversation

Even if your boss is friendly and you have a good relationship, remember that you still must maintain professionalism while telling them about your divorce.

It may be wise to give yourself some time to get used to the idea of your divorce and comfortable talking about it before you tell your boss. This can help you keep your cool and not get too emotional during the conversation.

Make sure that you know what you are going to say when you tell your boss about your divorce. This can help keep you from giving too much information or getting wrapped up in frustrations or sadness. Don’t divulge too many gritty details about the split. Keep it to the facts and focus on how it may affect your job.

You should clearly say how you would like to handle the topic with the rest of the office. If you would like it to stay between only the people who need to know, like your boss and HR, say that. If you plan to tell people on your own, let your boss know that as well.

You have the right to privacy in your divorce, but sometimes it’s smarter to address big life changes, especially when they will affect your professional life.