After making it through a stressful holiday season, couples across the United States start filing for divorce in January. Online searches about divorce peak in the week follow New Year’s Day.

Divorce filings seem to increase by about 30% in January compared to other months. Although marriages end for a variety of reasons, here are some reasons why couples decide to file in January:

  • Parents want one last holiday season as a family
  • One or both spouses want a fresh start for the new year
  • The holidays can push a person who was already considering divorce, over the edge

No matter when a couple divorces, it is usually preferable to end their marriage on amicable terms.

Tips for ending your marriage

Regardless of whether the couple has a contested or an uncontested divorce, they should aim for a healthy separation.

In order to divorce cordially or have a positive co-parenting relationship, it may be helpful to follow these tips:

  • Plan ahead, write down what you would like to discuss before speaking with your soon-to-be ex-spouse
  • Try to keep the big picture in mind, think of the future
  • Attempt to understand the other person’s point-of-view
  • Take care of yourself, reach out for emotional support from friends, family or therapy

Of course, following these tips cannot guarantee a positive divorce experience, but they may help. Forgiving your partner can be helpful as well, try not to blame them or yourself.

Don’t be afraid to seek guidance

Divorce is rarely easy and is often a highly emotional process. In addition to seeking legal assistance, it may be beneficial for a person going through divorce to speak with a support group or a psychiatrist. Maintaining a healthy emotional state can make the divorce process easier for both parties.