Legal Protection And Support

The end of a marriage brings new challenges. You don't have to face the legalities alone.

Brandon C Mayberry

I am attorney Brandon C. Mayberry. As a solo attorney, I work one-on-one with each client. I take the time to hear your story, listen to what you need for yourself and your children and then work with you to create a plan to meet your goals.

Even in amicable or uncontested divorce, things can change. As your attorney I will work to protect you, your children and your assets. I will negotiate or fight as the situation demands, but in every case I work for what is best for you and your children. If you are facing a divorce, support, visitation or property division issue, I can help.

Strong Defense for DUI, Speeding And Overweight Truck

When you are accused of a DUI, reckless driving, driving an overweight truck, there is a lot at stake. Your reputation, financial stability and job can all be at risk.

As your personal attorney I am dedicated to you and your case. I will work diligently to get charges dropped, dismissed or reduced to get you the best possible outcome. Whether you were cited for speeding in a construction area or failing to yield to an emergency vehicle or other issue, I will work my hardest to either have the ticket dismissed or amended so your driving record stays intact. Many of these tickets will cost you heavy fines and driving restrictions. Working with me will ensure any opportunity to reduce your penalties. This can be saving your license and hundreds of dollars even after my fee is paid.

Unsure if I can help? Call for a no-obligation consultation and find out: 618-364-8756.

Were You Hurt By Negligence?

Many injured people make the mistake of accepting an insurance company's offer without the benefit of a trained and experienced attorney on their side. If you were in an automobile accident and the other driver is negligent, get the legal help you deserve. In personal injury cases there is no cost for my representation unless we win.

Who Was At Fault?

If an officer writes ticket that says the other driver was at fault, you have a case based on this negligence. I will go after that driver's insurance company to recover your lost wages, to cover all of your current and future medical bills for your injuries and seek compensation for damage to your car or other property and your pain and suffering. Injured by a drunk driver who was over-served at a bar or restaurant? I can help you in your dram shop law case.

Helping Landlords And Tenants

As an attorney I am concerned with your rights. I understand that in rental situations there can be disagreements and unfair advantages. I represent both landlords and tenants. I can help with lawful eviction or forcible entry and detainer proceedings, recovery of unpaid rent, and recovering costs for damaged property. I also help students and the underserved in recovering their security deposit and in wrongful evictions. I also help nursing homes and small businesses recover outstanding amounts owed.

Property Issues

Not all boundary disputes between neighbors can be settled by a simple conversation. Sometimes it takes legal intervention, especially in cases of adverse possession, property line disputes and encroachments.

Your Satisfaction Is My #1 Priority

Whether your case involves municipal law, criminal defense, property line dispute or a landlord-tenant issue, my first priority is your satisfaction. This means I keep you informed as I advocate for you. It means your calls and emails will be answered right away — usually the same day. For responsive and dedicated counsel at every step, contact me, attorney Brandon C. Mayberry today. Call 618-364-8756 or get in touch with me through email. I am eager to resolve your case.

Brandon C. Mayberry Law Offices serves clients in Marion, Illinois, and throughout Jackson County, Williamson County and the surrounding areas.